Dec 30/15 5:30 pm Open Mat

Oh yeah… one more to go after this.

Somebody I had a little discussion with told me they were sometimes nervous before clicking the post button for their blog.

Sometimes my gibberish is flagrantly filtered with wonderful selections of scotch… just saying.

Lets just say sometimes it takes me a few hours to enjoy a few glasses of scotch Lol

Great session before the 2016 NYE… love open mats.


Opportunities to troubleshoot technique, and practice the art with low, semi, to even high level resistance amongst training partners.

The grand idea of the perfect training partner eh?



Without them… we wouldn’t even be able to train BJJ.

Open mats are a perfect platform. Train hard, train smart… longevity in this martial art is the key. Competition is super duper important. Compete as much as you can to develop the mindset and help your evolution, hence the as much part, as we all know with at regular to minimal training life can get in the way, thus competition would be the first you will cut, can get pricey, especially for us out of zone BJJERS… especially when you have a baby to deal with 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night into the early mornings lol… yep.


Nice reference article below by Emil Fischer about how to be a good training partner from jiu-jitsu times.


Mind you… rolling with newer white belts brings in a life or death scenario in regular BJJ training.

Seriously if your looking for a fight… roll with a new white belt lol. They will fight tooth and nail for top position lol… It will improve your self-defense BJJ.

Especially, when they attack fingers, pull hairs, cuts from long nails, ear pulling, nose twisting, eye pokes, flailing uncontrollably, unpredictably and even, I’ve had instances of attempts of rape chokes while inside my guard… yes rape choke.


Visualise, long and hard lol hahahahah

Oh and nasty turkey bites!!


I feel like in the constant evolution of learning BJJ, self-defense is ridiculously important. Training with new white belts helps you maintain the sharpness of those skills sets otherwise lost when you are only molding yourself strictly for sport BJJ.

Self-defense is important!!

The circle of life for BJJ and the growth of white belts is important… the lively hood of the club, BJJ and longevity that BJJ stays real, and depends on the always growing number of white belts.

I almost feel like the new white belt is an indirect necessary evil to maintain the self-defense mind set…

When I say necessary evil, I mean injuries… can’t dodge them with white belts. Heck you won’t dodge them while rolling with senior ranks.

When we train, we should train with everyone… especially the white belt. A give and take. They learn to roll more efficiently and you, in return learn to be more effective being the senior of the two.

Always refinement of the game…


Off course, just random gibberish… I have no research to support this rant… just a lot of bruises, injuries, and pain induced from rolling with random spazzy new white belts that decide to partake in our studies.

When we train BJJ, we train for the longevity of training, thus tapping and training smarter is of extreme relevance.

Ironic as my wrist, thumb, toes are mangled… all about the necessary evils eh? Circle of life eh?

Tape, tape, tape, tiger balm, ibuprofen, naproxen, coffee, and a lot of patience is a requirement in training BJJ…

Cute clip of us training last Wednesday below… rolled with Big Rig, Marco, Morgo, Matt, Jesse, and Caleb. 5 min double rounds.

Possibly the last deep roll session for some!!

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