Jan 10/16 Sun Morning BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am this past Sunday…

Boy did I ever feel great… coffee, tones of H2O.

Weird though, a fellow by the name of Keith came in shortly after I turned on the lights. He mentioned his shifts got switched around and that his only available time to train was at 9 am… great, I replied…

I believe he mentioned that he was a paramedic? which makes sense, random shifts and hours. I told him I’m in every Sunday at 9 am should always be open… so see you here again.


You bet… I hit the rowing machine.

4 sets of 2km.

Ouch… my 1st 2km set was the best. Slowly, very slowly improving lol Stretching then BJJ soon!!! Ossss

A photo posted by T-son Inthisone D (@bjjfourlife) on

Got some stretching and a few other things done before all the homies started showing up.

Boy did a few people show up!

Astonishing on how many homies we got… the mat was full.

A lot of new faces and a visiting face from Kenora…


Its slowly growing!!

All you guys and gals gotta do is show up!



Warm-up was standard, a bunch of partner drills, then the positional sweep drilling.

We reviewed a knee push sweep I ripped off of Emily Kwok and Stephen Kesting… one of my top 2 favourite online black belt resources. Differentiation of hers with mine starting from closed guard, then transitioning to the seated guard and then the knee push.

Cute fast clip of us doing our thing below…


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