Aug 18/15 5:30 pm Nogi


Homies be like what… yep, Complex in the morning for my 4 sets of rowing.


Got my 2km in the last set…


Got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm… Dave was in to run the class, yep NOGI… Similar takedowns from last week as a warm up. I got sacked in the nuts by my partner… Kyle the blue belt from Halifax… fuck did that hurt lol… haven’t been sacked like that during a drill since like ever hahahha. oh well. After the warm up we reviewed a few back takes and a few escapes then rolled.

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 1 min breaks)

  1. Kyle
  2. Nathan
  3. Philippe

Tough class after being sacked lol…


Received a message from an old friend in Kitchener asking about BJJ clubs in Kitchener… He told me that he loves the videos I post and he wants to give it a try. If my blogging and BJJ gibberish can inspire a few people to give it a try. BJJ speaks for its self… you will get addicted


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