Dec 21/15 9:00 am Monday Morning

Showed up at LEMMA around 9 am… tones of guys OTM this wonderful morning.

Temperature was #badass in the gym.

Great for the joints of this old man…


Love how I’m getting 2 weeks off of work to unwind, yep back at the desk on the 4th lol… especially after the grueling session of trying to play catch up to all the paper work after taking 5 months off from Parental leave to take care of the baba. No hate…

Parental was parental leave, seriously all work and no sleep hah!!



Veal showed us some tricks with the darce choke from side control with his long ass monkey arms…

Fantastically awesome!

Rounds were tough this morning, no one was letting up… freaking sore, tired and burnt out.


Great stuff though… rolled with the Bear, Veal, Tony and then Thor. All were 5 mins of constant pressure, with 1 min breaks?

Was reminiscing my very first takedown in my very first IBJJF tournament in Chicago after I got my blue belt… made a cute clip of it while drinking scotch last night below…

Got a quick clip of us messing around this morning below…

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Dec 20/15 Sunday Morning BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9 am… yeppers downed a few cups of coffee.


Put down a few sets on the rowing machine… the heat in the gym was fantastic.


Surprised with all the homies that showed up on this wondergul Sunday morning. GREAT STUFF!!

Cute clip of us doing our thing on Sunday… Warm-up with movement exercises, some drilling, review of technique then rolling… yes lots of rolling lol.

Oh and I got myself messing around with a head stand lol… 30s, twice??

Ooooo… and my results from the 4 sets of rowing below…


Seriously though!

Get yo ass to the gym… and just do it!!



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Dec 18/15 Open Mat


Rolling is soooo important… its the magical glue that melds all of what you feel as your grappling intuition into the desired responsive sensitivity you wouldn’t normally develop just from working on, or drilling technique.


Man just show up lol… your training partners will push you.


Thank god for open mats and rolling we get… It gives us an opportunity to practice what we think we’ve learnt on live training partners. Sometimes too live hahahah LOL


Either way… got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm Friday. Morgo and Marco were OTM. Working on something, wasn’t even sure. I taped my week ass foot up, coffee was already downed. Rolled with Morgo, Marco, Kait, Kyle, Kevin & Mitch. A couple times with Marco, Mitch, Kait & Kyle… time flew by. 10 min rounds… yep great times. Good rolls and a lot learnt.

Quick clip of our 2 hour jam session below…

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