Dec 23/15 Wed Morning BJJ

Wow… sore after todays morning session lol.

My little buddies bday today.

Turned 1 lol.

Happy birthday little homie!

Yep… time flies.

Was sooo damn nervous last year. Now we’re here. 1 year later!!


10 min rounds… rolled with Tony, Kait, Alex, and Winston this morning…

Also did a double round with Alex and Winston before leaving.


Dudes were grinding!!

Shoulder to the face and spazzy white belt BJJ SHIZZO lol…

Oh well, we all went through the stage lol… some longer then others.


Tony is a brick… the brick brick house!!

Jammed my wrist somehow..?


Oh well another date with naproxen tonight, I guess lol… possibly take a break tomorrow to roll on Friday for open mat.

We’ll see lol… 4 days of BJJ in a row… Boom-digity!


Wait. Its Christmas Friday… Maybe not.

Gotta grab the little guy tomorrow… daycare is only open half the day.

Nice clip of our rolling from this morning below…

Fun times guys… lots of mat time catalogued.

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