Dec 22/15 Tues Morning BJJ

Train lots, train as often as you can, and just do it… especially if you can. Work, life, and plenty of worldly things will always get in your way, but when absolute opportunity arise, man there are no excuses, aside from sickness and health. Moving and doing things is what makes us live. Being engaged in actual physical and mental activities makes us human, creatively makes us grow intuitively. Its innate and deep deep inside us.


Everything’s in the mix… the perfect hobby.


Ironic though… a wonderful quote I once came upon by the lovely Tabetan Monk the Dalai lama

BJJ takes me to the here and now. Living in the moment. Trying to survive for my life.

Sooo then definitively BJJERs are living!!

Whut whaaat!!!

#BJJ4life #bjjfourlife

Osss Osss!!


Yeah lol…

Got to LEMMA around 9 am… gym temperature was crap lol.

Hot extreme warmer temperatures minimise injury period come on mon… guess the owners of building hate paying for hydro or gas lol.

Maybe the heat is why in Brazil the age cohort is much greater that train in Jiu-jitsu…

That’s a bunch of #bullshit BTW lol.

Jiu-jitsu has just been there much much longer lol. I do see some kind of positive correlation between injuries and the climate of the conditioning area’s… makes  sense no? Still gotta warm up though. False sense of physical security jumping right into hard rolling lol…

Yes last night I popped a naproxen… didn’t even go to BJJ at night. Ankle and upper back was a little sore.

No I didn’t drink lol…

Apparently naproxen and alcohol can cause holes in the stomach. Don’t need that lol.

Clip of us this morning below, 5 min rounds, with Kat, Thor, Winston, Jordan, and Justin…

Coach Keith dropped some nice knowledge about the collar grip set up!! Ossssss, if you missed it… to bad. Go get a private from him.


Well worth it!!!

Great rolling this morning!!


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