Dec 13/15 BJJ

Smaller class Sunday morning…

Don’t blame no one.


6 guys and gals?

Either way I got in around 9am… missed Friday open mat for a Christmas Party… yep staff Christmas party.


Tones of prime rib, food…. and quite a few drinks lol.

Great time… didn’t feel it too bad in the morning. Must have been all the food lol.

yep I went in… great time.

Completed 2 sets of rowing… 20 mins. 4 km each… fun fun.



Class consisted of a warm-up, some drills, isolated drilling, some tech (tomahawk/sickle sweep), some resistance drills, then 6×5 minute rounds of rolling… great stuff.

Lots of fun…

Cute video clip below, enjoy…

I did manage to slip out and watch EBI 5 at the Frenchmans house … of course it was to no surprise who the winner would be lol… Garry Tonon. Just killing it.

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