Dec 4/15 Open Mat

Friday open mat… Friday Open Mat.

In lieu of ibuprofen, I stepped it up… popped naproxen.

Yep good stuff lol… 5 or 6 min rounds?

Anywho got a few rounds in… fantastically awesome.

That is until I could feel the pain in my foot and ankle to slowly creep in.

Got some footage of my rounds… and only with Jason unfortunately lol. Jason is like a taller version of me… Definitely fitter, and longer legs.

I’m working towards being just as fit. lol

First clip was a long ass 2 or 3 round session.

Second clip is just the 4th round with him again. Dudes got some power and great hips.

Oh well… at least I showed up…

We also hit up the Sushi Station beautiful I might add… lots of food. It all managed to actually make it to the table at a decent time.


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