Dec 16/15 BJJ

Word… crappy weather, lol Oops two words.


Wanted snow… just not all this damn wet slushy stuff lol.

Got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm…

Yes tape.

Yes ankle wraps.

Yes naproxen.

Had a long ass roll with Thor. Short easy flow round with young Leath. Then a fun round with Tyler. Great stuff… Thors is always a tough roll, making me work my ass off on bottom. Leath is just a new and a very young white belt. Tyson… damn Tyler… we need to work on your passing lol… who’s teaching you to do funny stuff like that… lol… we need to talk!


Warm-up was good!!

Arching and shrimping lol… yes shrimping.

Bad ass don’t hate brah!!

Thor had us review knee circles to negate the butterfly fantastic… shins are sore.


Went to Kelsey’s… wing today night.

Holy crow… too 20 mins for someone to take my order.

Ridiculous… lol half price wings worth it I guess lol.


Either way last night class was great!

The long ass roll was good… lots of time to think, adjust and improve on the previous errors.

Coach is gonna up the time to 90 mins instead of 60, which is fantastic!

More rolling and drilling which is awesome!!

No tip pho you Kelseys waitress sorry… didn’t even hook me up blue cheese like I ordered… missing carrots and celery lol.


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