Hah… got to the 6:30 pm class a little early lol… rolled with a little kid… the way he moves, if he continues with it, he will be a beast… plus he was my height hahaha…image

I actually don’t mind self-defense at all. It’s where BJJ began… the roots. Jiu Jitsu was fun last night… Big Tony ran a small warm-up.  Pretty short and standard. Loved the one drill with the backwards walking and shoulder throw with the sleeve and lapel grip… I will steal this for my Sundays warm-up drilling lol.


Coach went through a few self-defense techniques with front grip breaks when someone grabs both your wrist with a break to an under hook/shoulder bringing your opponent to the ground, using your free hand to direct the head and set up a Muay Thai style knee to the head. Then there was a sweep with while getting your back taken, as well as ground stuff to negate getting punched in the face with a variation of up-kicking & shrimping. Thought it was funny though… 2 similar body types lol… short stubby legs, arms, big shoulder, barrels for chest and both husky. Me being smaller of the 2 lol… yes hilarious.


After the self-defense,  Coach had us work on 2 kinds of arm-bar swings, with no sleeve grips. 2 sets, 1 min each, swinging and alternating sides. First, was the standard arm-bar swings using the inside of your leg to push you to the other side. The second,  I call the lazy man arm-bar with placement of your foot onto your partners hip, while with the other leg moving it upward using your inside thigh to redirect while inside their armpit, and pivoting your body towards that leg. Lets just say lazy once you get a hang of it. Doing this drill slowly and technical really works on the inside of your thighs lol.


1. Closed guard retention, with control using your legs and elbow popping or pop and chops.

2. Closed guard, with a sit-up bait sweep to break a grip posture, reach over to grab the belt, trap the arm on one side to prevent the post and sweep to that side. Genius lol shear genius hah, word…

3. Closed guard, like above… then if your opponent gets there arm free to post, set up “the London Guard” or “the Williams Guard” on the already free arm, for control then attack for the oma-plata, back-take, shoulder lock or even inverted arm bar.

Below is a nice link for further reference on the London guard…

Eddie Bravo discusses a reason why he removed it from his system… with your own arms being caught while someone disengages while cartwheeling to the other side to escape, which is a good argument.

Below is a video link for further reference…

That being said, to me it’s more of a transitional guard. Not saying I’m a Black Belt or anything but hey, like with everything in BJJ there is always a lock and a key, nothing is ever a sure thing in BJJ… being adverse to all of it would be idea given the circumstances.


Hope to see you out at open mat Fri! can’t wait to get some lifting, rowing, and rolling in tomorrow… this week has been a bruiser mentally. Work I’ve been biting my tongue and trying my best to be professional, also the Contractor want to start up ASAP to get out and elsewhere on my project… yes gonna get busy for the little while… oh and the little guy is going through a growth spurt, nuff said, lol baby brain…


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