Sun Morn Jiu Jitz

Got to the gym at roughly 9:00 am, got some lifting, a short vanity workout and some rowing in boom, trying to get ready for this competition!

Lifting: (9:05 am to 9:40 pm, 4 sets, 12 reps ) 

  1. Squats, 135 lbs
  2. Bench Press, 135 lbs

Then some crunches to work on my vainness, 4 sets of 100 Reps

Conditioning: (Stationary Rowing, Level 6)

  1. 1000 m, 4:30 min
  2. 1000 m, 4:45 min
  3. 1000 m, 5:00 min

Kind of not impressed with the increase in time, but hey… I moved it up to level 6 lol… next is level 7.


Again beautiful day out, 16c to 18c , sunny… great forecast of the size of our class with Myself, The Frenchman, Big Red, new white belt Travis and Professor Shat. The Frenchman had to take off earlier due to other commitments.

Got a quick clip of one of our standard warm up we do below from Sunday…

Quick clips of us working some takedown drills from this morning…

3:00 mins each, alternate once you reach the end of the mat…

2 mins each, alternating…

Technique: (10 mins on each)

  1. Wing Choke/Strangle
  2. Sliding Collar Choke/Strangle


Note that both a choke or a strangle are effective… however one is non compliant as Coach Keith MacGillivray has brought up in the past.  Most chokes are applied to the trachea which will restrict airflow, can be painful, and most people will fight back. Strangles restrict blood flow to the brain by applying pressure to the carotid arteries in the neck, lets just say, you don’t get much fighting back except for the foam and your partner seeing stars, then out cold lol.


Rolling: (5 min rounds, 45 sec break)

  1. Big Red
  2. New white belt Travis
  3. New white belt Travis


Maybe we’ll see some of you out this week!



Small class yesterday for 2 pm BJJ… must be the sunny 15c weather outside lol. Mike Maronese ran the show… started with a nice fighter fit style warm up with only 2 sets of 3 minutes with an obstacle course of side to side z-running, lunges, hops, then push up side-walks.

Definitely got the blood flowing, Hassan got in late lol… wished me had more rounds, was just getting warmed up. 😛

Big up to Jayden Dekker, Hassan Hashmi, and TBT Steve for showing up though… we reviewed some bombass stuff we went through last week and some.


Reviewed a closed guard hip bump sweep, with your partners hand on your belly. Fake one side, work the other, to a mount x-collar choke… nice of Coach Keith MacGillivray to add some pointers on actually focusing with slapping the mat with elbow contact during the shaving portion to add discomfort and a tighter finish. Worked on the closed guard hip bump sweep to a mount, then armbar while your partner pushes off. Worked on a variation of an inverted arm bar while mounted, then a cool gogoplata… yes real cute lol, then we rolled.


Rolling: (5 min rounds, 45 sec break)

  1. Jayden Dekker
  2. Hassan Hashmi
  3. TBT Steve
  4. Mike Moronese

lol… quick clip of Mike and TBT Steve Rolling below…