Good Friday Open Mat

Open mat was fun yesterday… got in some playful, with some tough rolling… my right patellar tendon has been sore since wednesday. Not even sure why. Got it wrapped up… oh well, push through I guess.

Warm up: (10 to 15 mins)

  1. Dave Letourneau

Rolling Rounds: (5 min rounds, 1  min break)

  1. Dave Letourneau
  2. Matt Veal
  3. Scott Hall
  4. Justin Yeoman
  5. Michael Hinsperger
  6. Matt Thorburn
  7. Juneau Barnett
  8. Luke Augustine
  9. Morgan Frazer a few times lol

Got some quick clips of us rolling below enjoy:

Had a small discussion on finishing the topside s-mount or technical mount armbar with Morgan, Professor Matt, Hassan and his buddy.

Hopefully we see you out at 2pm for Sat BJJ or Early Sunday!!