Morgan was in to run the class yesterday… happy with my performance.  Other then waking up this morning and my right knee feeling off weird… will blog about this mornings BJJ shortly…


Yeah my knee… blah!!!!

Told Morgy to run a harder warm-up.  24 mins long lol… not overly hard actually, but harder then normal hahahah.

Below is a quick clip of our super easy warm-up…

Technique: (4 min per rounds, 2 rounds each)
1. Pendulum sweep with a over the shoulder belt grip.
2. Hook of doom sweep, with an arm entrapment, after your partners defends the pendulum sweep with a step.

Quick clip below…

Rolling: (5 min Rounds, 5 rounds each)
1. Scotty too hotty
2. Travis Duncan
3. New guy, nogi white belt Patrick, hope he returns… went pretty hard for a guy with no experience in a GI. Guess his nogi kicked in once being stangled a few times. A lot a strength,  crushing, and inappropriate use of strength,  typical I guess. He tried to escape an armbar by turning me over literally… being 6 ft 4, throwing me around was simple.
4. Morgan Razer Frazer
5. Nathan Shat Professor Hatton

Some really tough and fun rounds…

A few quick clips of us rolling below…

Scotty Too Hotty

Travis Duncan, then New Guy Patrick

Nathan Shat Professor Hatton, then Morgan Razer Frazer


That wasn’t a reference to anyone lol…


Talked to our head coach Professor Richer after class… Sundays will be moved to 11 am for obvious selfish reasons lol… more time for me to work on my strength and conditioning lol. Too bad you didn’t come in morning…

Continued GI strangles. I will blog later lol…