BJJ Wed May 20/15

Got to the gym around 6:25 pm… Brown Belt Mikey ran the warm up…


Coach got us to drill a self-defense mount escape variation while your attacker grabs both wrist above your head. In this scenario the path to least resistance is side to side. Move your elbows to you hips one way, then switch to moving to the other side. keeping the momentum while moving to to the other side turning your attackers hand outward with a circular windshield hand washer movement to break the grip and execute a tight arm drag. With the free hand, hold your attacker down maintaining the trapped arm, only to bridge at the same moment towards the trapped arm “similar to and arm drag butterfly sweep”, along with blocking the same side leg.

I partnered with Brown Belt Mikey to drill the escape like 30 times lol…

Yay mount escapes…

Sooo many variations and scenarios. you can never be to ready no?

Below is a nice clip by Roy Dean with multiple mount escapes, with similar concepts by trapping or blocking the leg as well as trapping or blocking the arm on the same side preventing your attacker from basing out or posting. Posting or basing out will prevent you from bridging or turning over, so you need to take that away from your attacker… Roy Dean actually reviews escapes to re-guarding as well which is also very nice for other worst case and applicable scenarios…

Coach then got us to drill a take down which involves a same side lapel grip by pulling your opponent towards you, with an inside same leg sweep, to a ankle pick on the far heel while punching through with maintaining momentum and lapel grip to include a leg drag pass.

Below is a clip a ankle pick put together by Jiu jitsu Mag, by Luis “Limao” Heredia with a variation from an under hook scenario including the inside leg sweep…

Below is the same setup, with a double pull down lapel grip, this time with no inside sweep and attacking the same side leg…

“Food for thought… does ankle picking have to start from standing?”

Below is a clip from Jason Scully discussing it from the seated position…

“Coach then reviewed a few of my favorite chokes from Guard. Cross collar, both palms up. The cross collar with palm up, palm down, to counter the arm block defense by turning an angle. Then a same side lapel grip to cross collar, top grip thumb in… all was fantastic love working these. Lets be honest there are so many variation to this submission. Keys being, to use your wrist as a fulcrum, your legs, hips to break your opponents posture, keep them down and controlled . If your wrist hurt while doing this, your doing it wrong. This submission is gentle, applied to cut off blood flow to the brain by restricting flow in the carotid artery in the sides of the neck. It should be a non compliant choke.”

These are my favorite submissions BTW…


Coach then got us to roll, 5 min rounds… I sat out the first round. then rolled with Ugo, who is a 240 pound 6ft 5in White Belt with a Yellow Belt in Judo…


“hahahah, thought my head was gonna pop off at one point.”


Left to right: Tony, Ugo, me, then Marc… my boy Travis is on the cam.

Yes furious he was lol.

“Thanks Morgan!”

furious ewok

Then I rolled with Marc.

“I’ll tell you after working from 6 am to 6 pm for a long day in the office, with 2 hours of driving… its nothing like have a good solid hard roll to put things behind you and forget about what happened through out the day.”

Food for thought… defending chokes?

Below is a nice clip from Stephan Kesting on a few cross collar counters…

Love collar chokes…


Hope to see you Friday for Open mat!


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