Victoria Day Long Weekend, Open Mat, 1 to 3 pm

Got to the gym around 1:05 pm… wow tones of peoples out. Horrible weather out. Snow and even rain… ridiculous.

Tonnes of guys OTM for some random rolling!

Rolling: (5 min rounds, 45 sec Breaks)

  1. Katrina, 4 rounds
  2. Travis Duncan, 1 round
  3. Morgan Frazer, 2 rounds
  4. Lukasz Jan, 1 round


BJJ is my addiction

My goals… achievable, attainable and realistic


Promised Windy, I will complete 100 push-ups as close as possible in a row.. Completed my 100 push-ups in roughly 2:08 mins…

  • 50, super easy, (0:20 to 0:55)
  • 30, easy, (1:19 to 1:42)
  • 15, meh, (1:59 to 2:12)
  • 5, I was really struggling, (2:22 to 2:28)

Short clip below…

I used to train this with 25 reps 4 sets… I will start focusing again to hit 100 in a row with no breaks… 

My goals,achievable, attainable and realistic.

Surround yourself with like minded people with similar goals and dreams. 

Having a great support system will push you further to better yourself.


Hopefully we see you out sometime this week OTM!!



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