Fri May 22/15 Open Mat

Home boys and galls were at the gym early Friday for early Open mat…

Sorry about the delay…

Suprised that no one else with was out that had keys...

Work… gotta pay the bills. Unfortunate, but BJJ doesn’t pay mine at the moment…

In due time I guess!


Was at the gym for 5:30 pm. Travis, Scotty Hall, Luke, Katrina, Juneau were on site to get some rolling in…

NO S & C tonight… no time.

A quick clip below… not that this is actually going 30 times faster then normal…

Warm Up: 

Drilled, armbars & passing techniques with Travis for 5 to 10 mins

Rolling: (5 min rnds, 45 sec break)

  1. Katrina, 2 rnds
  2. Lukasz, 2 rnds
  3. Travis, 1 rnd
  4. Juneau, 1 rnd
  5. Scotty Hall, 2 rnds



Me and my boy Lukasz Jan below… just playing around with video editing.

Sashimi at the Sushi Station after was also bomb.!



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