Tues 8pm BJJ

Not everyone was built or can naturally lead, let alone coach and teach others. Mistakes happen and heck you may feel like a failure at times. That’s BJJ for you in a nut shell. Fail, fail, fail, and you will eventually learn. Nothing wrong with putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, thats how you learn and grow, especially as a Martial Artist and a human being.


Nice though… a few non regular white belts for a Tuesday night class. Jayden looks miserable above here lol…


With the baby, addition of 5 pm Nogi on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and potential ending of Tuesday night BJJ, I decided to pass on the opportunity to someone else to take the reign and gain some experience in running a late Tuesday night class. My boy Big Rig decided he would jump on it, I hope it helps with his BJJ journey as much as mine… Oss! Brother.


Joke’s lol

Lets just say 8 pm BJJ is cool… when you can get at least 6 hours sleep. Class finishing at roughly 10 pm, walk the dog, shower, quick snack, hang out with the family, by 11 pm everyone is asleep except me, adrenaline still pumping lol. By 1 am finally, its sleep time. At roughly 2 am, the little guy is ussually hungry, and at 4 am lol. I’m up at 5:45 am to feed, walk the dog, my other morning duties, make lunch, kiss the guys goodbye, then out the door to the office by 6:15 am. Routinely, hardly 6 hours lol. Something had to give. Well opportunity knocked with the additional classes. Perfecto Nogi now available on Tuesdays and Thursdays soon, awesomeness… more sleep yay!


Jayden above being the serious guy lol…

I will however continue to coach the early Sundays BJJ classes.


That being said… my new BJJ training regiment will be:
1. Sundays 10 am, GI & Lifting
2. Tuesdays 5 pm, Nogi-pending on work schedule & recovery
3. Wednesdays 6:30 pm, GI-pending on work schedule & recovery
4. Fridays 5 pm, Openmat & Lifting
5. Saturdays 2 pm, GI


It was pretty cool last night watching others run it… Nathan ran a quick warm-up, then Big Rig whipped through a few half guard techniques… then they ran through some positional stuff afterwards… I left at 9 pm cause of fatigue, my patellar tendon was sore, plus I wanted to hang out with my kid… I ended up leaving work at 3 pm yesterday cause we had to take the baby to the clinic. Turns out his mild skin condition may have intensified due to his night scratching… more details once the dermatologist reviews its fully… poor little guy.


Today’s class was decent, Coach has been doing rundowns on self-defense and other applications of BJJ while getting hit and realife situational and relevant issues while being attacked. Self preservation of BJJ of its original intent is important, at least with the sport aspects we have a perfect competitive platform to test ourselves without incurring too much damage to our bodies like MMA or other combative sports. Getting hit in the head sucks lol… Truth. I will discuss more of todays class in tomorrow’s bloggerish.


Hope to see people out for Friday Openmat. There appears to be numerous guys with knee injuries. Crazy, crazy… take care of that shit homies.



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