Open mat Wed BJJ

Wow… keep telling myself I will only be training Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays…
Turns out in BJJ there are laws of equilibrium when opportunities seeks itself, when allowed your training regiment naturally just balances itself out… turns out I’ve been training Sundays,  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays. I Always seemed to get convinced by someone… ahem ‘Morgan Frazer’ to drop in for extra training, oddly enough, I easily say yes. Priorities right? I won’t be able to train this much once my child has extra curricular activities around maybe 4 or 5?? Hey… I bond with him every night… even read to him at night about BJJ techniques lol… Oh… and the Berenstain Bears one chapter so far.

  Only attended the Open mat tonight… but got there around 4pm. Rolled with Brock for 2-6 min flow roll rounds,  rolled with Morgan for 2-6 min rounds, warmed up big Alex for a 6 min round, then rolled with Morgan with what seemed to be like 3-6 min rounds… then some rolling with Trina to finish off the night before heading home to the wife and baby.
  Brock is one tough cookie and strong as an bull, his positioning is spot on, and his flow has improved immensely. If he wanted I know for a fact he can toss me… taken it easy on the old guy lol.
  Alex, on the other hand, is like rolling with a full grown cub.  Ridiculously strong and rightfully uses when he chooses. Has its pros and cons though especially when up against someone stronger and only relying on it. Definitely has improved defensively. Flow Rolling has improved as well since the very first time we rolled. Like a brick to flowing like a brick with rounded edges hahaha.
  Morgan Frazer is always a pleasure given that we don’t give too much of weight advantageously,  or dis-advantageously minus the spazz, randomized movements you get out of him when he fights his way out of something.  Kinda like rolling with a beginner. Which in a way strategically could be beneficial… poking your opponent in the eyes while scrambling hahahah. Spent most of my time working defensive positions… working out of chokes, lapel strangles and bad positions using secret techniques.  Even drilled some Dele Riva Leg Weave and leg dragging passes to knee on belly…
  Finished off the night rolling with Trina. Her passing and positional movements are improving respectfully.  Still leads with open posture while passing leaving room for defensive attacks on my end. Sometimes telegraphing attacks and movements.  Only drilling and time on the mat to develop sensitivity to avoid specific movements I guess. Not gonna lie I still do white belt transitions while rolling with more advanced grapplers.
  Ugh see the bags under my eyes below from the wonderful photos taken by my buddy Travis Duncan last night.








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