Learned Some Secret Techniques Last Night

Next time I won’t mention the 6-rounds of 5 mins…. with 15 sec breaks hahahah!

Great night though… warmed up, some drills… not many guys tonight, but it worked out to our advantage. Pretty much got like free privates with Billy Nyman… picked his brain on quite a few techniques, and escapes then we rolled. Tapped lots. Love tapping I seem to learn faster, especially under controlled technical situations. Billy Nyman is strong, controlled strong. Kinda like rolling with Matt Richer back in the day at our old club. Someone made of leather. He has crushing power, but only used it when he got to the north south position, where his transition to an arm bar was remarkable. His guard was fantastic, past it a couple times only to get swept, as I got greedy with a potential submission. Last week while rolling with him he was catching me with tones of straight ankle locks… I’ve seemed to adjusted and negated those submissions swiftly, maybe he’s just taking it easy on me, however now only to get caught in a few arm bars… lovely just lovely. Most definitely a puzzle for next time, love human chess.

Guys next time he’s up here in Thunder Bay visiting make sure to get some privates from him… different perspectives. High level competition brown belt… plus when we go to San Diego we could hook up as a group and he’ll take us from club to club, roll with Keenan lol or Galvao…>>>>>>>>>>> Morgan Frazer

Have a safe trip Billy… keep in touch and hopefully see you soon!!



Travis was taking action shots… Took a few quick ones while resting lol.

Maybe i’ll see some of you boys at Open Mat at 5pm


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