Fri LEMMA 5 pm Open Mat

Didn’t get to bed till roughly 1 or 2 am last night… Baba was up… poor little guy… I ended going to bed with the dog in the living… need sleep to work… up at 6 am… at the office by 6:30 am… yep… things just seem sooo much easier to get completed earlier… left at roughly 2:00 pm… I was tired as hell. I had to get a nap in before open mat at LEMMA.

Some of the guys wanted to go in for 4:00 pm… I was absolutely interested… just had to get a nap in.

Had a blast tonight… had rolled since Tuesday. Definitely had a few issues, which I will have to modify for the next session. Being on the bottom with bigger stronger guys is not where I should be period… especially with similar technical abilities.

Attendance was fantastic… had about 12 or 13 guys OTM… haven’t seen that many guys OTM since new years… yes 12 or 13 guys in a GI… BJJ is still growing here in Thunder Bay lol… Hard to give a Friday night up, I guess to do some training from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm… Especially after a hard day at work. Guess they haven’t figured out this secret to life yet lol… once they do… yes when they do… they will know… all the worries all your sorrows remain OTM after a long hard week from work, school, home life whatever… the stress is in remission. lol


Me, Marc Perrier, Steven Maley, Scott Paradis, and Morgan Frazer arrived at roughly 4:00 pm… Weird, the door was jarred open, as there was someone their doing a personal training session there when I arrived. I’m still not used to having other people around while we train… doing weights, cardio, personal training or whatever… usually it’s just been me and a select few others in early to lift and drill prior to open mat.

Rolled with Marc Perrier for about 3 x 10 min rounds… first few were a good warm up… I could feel his movements and positioning intensify… I definitely needed to match… man dude has gas. I was a little perturbed… the mat had dirt all over it, getting dirt and hair in my mouth while I rolled with Marc, GROSS… grabbed the broom and swept while Steve and Scott rolled and Morgan stretched… Irritating though… seems like only the BJJ guys sweep the damn mat… Respect the mat homie’s, it’s where we train.

My homeboy Marc… I’m hoping a few girls sign up after this… lol


Trina, Justin, Travis, Gary, Jared, Mike, and then Luke arrived sometime after 5 pm, while I started rolling with Morgan to warm him up after his stretching lol… #hipflexorproblems hahahah… I believe we did 2 x 10 rounds, intensity did increase gradually.

Friday 5pm BJJ Open Mat is slowly growing… I remember when there was a select few of us… lol… rolled with the same guy like 4 times?? lol


1. Marc Perrier, warm up & hard rounds, 3 x 10 min rounds, dudes got gas lol

2. Morgan Frazer, hard technical flow rounds, 2 x 10 min rounds

3. Scott Paradis, hard flow rounds, 1 x 10 min rounds

4. Travis Duncan, hard rounds, 2 x 10 min rounds, calve cramped from defending with Travis in my guard and on top the whole time lol

5. Luke Augustine (Albino Rhino), hard round, 2 x 10 min rounds

6. Mike Hinsperger (Big Red), hard round, 1 x 10 min rounds, by this point I was checking the timer every 2 mins lol… dudes a beast.

Me and Big Red


Left LEMMA at roughly 6:50 pm.

Maybe we’ll see you out for tomorrow’s BJJ class Saturday 2:00 pm or even Sunday’s 10:00 am BJJ jam for those that are determined!

Morgan… hopefully a few of you giggle!!


Enjoy your Friday night