Inspiring Videos for the Lasso Guard Lessons

Below are the video’s that inspired the lasso guard themed lessons a few weeks ago at LEMMA.

Andre Galvao, Lasso Guard Sweep to Omaplata

Keenan Cornelius’s Reverse Lasso Sweep

Mikal Abdullah’s Lasso Sweeps of Truth

Inspiring Videos for our Leg Lock Themed Lessons

Below are the video’s that inspired my leg lock themed lessons for the Tuesdays 8 pm and Sundays 10 am classes I help coach at LEMMA.

Dean Lister’s 4 Nasty Leg Locks

Dean Lister’s Knee Bars

Dean Lister’s Foot Lock Attacks

Keenan Cornelius, Knee Bar Trap

Stephan Kesting’s 3 Fancy Foot Locks