Self Defense and Sport BJJ

Ironically there still is controversy on how people view sport BJJ not being a realistic part of BJJ as a whole… Sport BJJ obviously is a small facet of what BJJ has to offer… pulling berimbolo or 50/50 obviously isn’t the greatest choice initially as a defense during initial confrontation or while trying to neutralize the situation and disengaging obviously.

Below is a nice discussion between Budo Jake with Rafa and Gui Mendes to talking about their school with BJJ and their take on teaching sport BJJ and self defense BJJ.

Interesting analysis regarding a recent incident on a basketball court who a buddy of mine knows that trains at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu in Minneapolis.

Below is a rant by a Gracie Black Belt… its a free country and everyone is allowed to have an opinion…  personally I thought this was a little disrespectful and a little out of place… but who am I, just a lowly Purple Belt lol.

That being said what if you didn’t have a choice? what if you got jumped… a beer bottle crack over on the side of the head, your laying on the ground, your slightly conscious, your attacker is about to make a final blow? wouldn’t being familiar with these positions definitely help increase your probability to survive, guessing its not completely useful given the synario or context?? lol. That being said…

Food for thought below is a video of BJJ in the streets lol… not condoning it, violence and fighting is bad, but it does happen… knowing something is better then nothing?



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