Oct 28/15 5:30pm BJJ

Darn weather… #winteriscoming this rain is horribly cold.


However, open mat was full before the 6:30pm class yet again… which was great. I believe I rolled with the newer fellow again. Nice work kiddo… he focused on being technical, which was great 

Coach Matt ran a wonderful take down warm-up, some self-defense when someone attacks you while in front of you on the ground. I partnered with Scotty tooo hotty.

Thor reviewed the spider guard and a basic sweep… I attached a nice clip for further reference.

The class was great… rolling prior was awesome! great vibes



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Sat Aug 22/15 2pm BJJ


Morgo was in today… man, classes with people have been hit or miss. For the past month only 3 or 4 people on Saturdays. Guess when its Sunny, people just want to enjoy the sun lol. Not me. Hah… BJJ word.


Quite a few showed up for the 2pm grinder today though … shity for them. Morgo had us to do the circle of death hahahah.

20 reps of whatever. Twice around the circle, third rep, was a partner drill. Hahahaha. Albino puked. Hadn’t seen him out in over a month for actual training. Anyways, I loved it.

quick clip below

We reviewed the spider guard… to a few sweeps. With a single legged x-sweep into a combat base stand up, a hip/heel push/pull, & a shin sweep with spider guard to a triangle. Just hoping we work on these for a while before to other techniques. I partnered with Travis. His legs were twice as long as mine so the combat base sweep t stand up was really hard when he spread his legs out lol… had to modify it a tad. Hahahah.


quick clip below

Rolling wasn’t much… I guess everyone was spent from the warm-up. Lame… only 6 min rounds.

Rolling:(6 min)
1. Travis D
2. Luke
3. Hassan

Quick clip of everyone rolling

Quick clip of only me and Hassan rolling, while everyone was spent… hahahah



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Aug 19/15 6:30 pm BJJ


Nice class from grasshopper brown belt Matthew Trudeau visiting from BC and showing us some spider guard trickery, with a nice transition into x guard, a nice sweep, and then a cool calf slicer from bottom x.

Matt had us start with a warm-up with some shrimping, hip switch stuff to work the core, some forward and backward rolls, then backward extensions.

Quick clip below…

Rolling: (5 min Rounds, 1 min Break)

  1. Matt Trudeau (Flow, no submissions)
  2. Josh Daluca
  3. Emma Horner

This morning was great… with rowing at the Complex.

Boy was I ever tired at BJJ lol

imageSometimes all you gotta do is show up…

Your teammates will push you…



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