Sun Morning BJJ

If your reading this… just a reminder that Sunday mornings will be moved to 11:00 am, from now on… Sunday May 3rd 2015 class is cancelled due to myself, Morgan Frazer, Łukasz Jan and maybe a few others being out of town for a competition!!


 Conditioning: (Stationary Rowing)

  1. 3:00 mins, 590 m, Level 6
  2. 3:00 mins, 640 m, Level 6
  3. 3:00 mins, 661 m, Level 6

Beautiful day out today… wasn’t expecting anyone out to train… However, Gary, Jared showed up early… Colin and then Ugo showed up about 10 mins into the warm-up… I made them do 100 push–ups… lol Joke

 Class Warm-up: (2 laps jogging, 1 lap lunges)

1. Standing Forward shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 2 x across mat
2. Reverse shoulder rolls, alternating shoulders, 2 x across mat
3. Side shoulder rolls, 1 x across mat left side & 1 x across mat right side
4. Forward butt scoots, 2 x across mat
5. Reverse butt scoots, 2 x across mat
6. Backwards shrimping, 2 x across mat
8. Forward shrimping, 2 x across mat
9. Backwards break fall to technical stand, 2 x across mat
10. Forward break falls to technical stand, 2 x across mat
11. Sit-outs, 2 x across mat
12. Reverse shoulder roll from standing to full extension, 1x across mat

Quick Clip Below…

 Class Takedown Drilling:

1. 4 mins, alternation, stationary single leg takedown
2. 4 mins, alternating, duck unders sacrifice takedown
3. 4 mins, alternating, drop seoi nage throw
4. 4 mins, alternating, modified judo hip throw
5. 4 mins, alternating, standard foot on hip, guard pull

 Quick Clip Below…



1. Wing Choke/Strangle
2. Sliding Collar Choke/Strangle

Quick Clips Below…


Quicker Clip Below…


The boys went a few rounds… quick clip below… I was out due to my knee.




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