Friday Openmat


Got to the gym around 4:15 pm with Nathan, started lifting by 4:30 pm. Some boys training nogi!!

Word…. Jesse Veltri, Morgan Frazer, Hassan Hashmi, Trina, Big Rig, were OTM. Matt Veal was just finishing up some lifting, before rolling… Travis, & Alex arrived while I started the squats, then Big Willy arrived while I started the bench press.


Looked like Jesse hurt his shoulder while rolling… shity. Work so hard only to get battered and dinged up during an openmat session.


Rest up and get better buddy. It’s not always a fight, especially if you want to keep rolling for life.

Justin Sillman showed up while I hit up my last rowing session in. Rolled 4 rounds at 5 mins a piece. Damn I was beat. Hopefully this lifting takes me to the next old man level lol. Funny thing though, at roughly 6:45 pm while packing up, the French man showed up. At least Justin and Alex decided to stay and roll while we left the building.


I know this ain’t nothing compared to crossfit, but hey, gotta start somewhere lol… maybe you should try BJJ.

Lifting: (4:15 pm to 5:15 pm, 5 sets, 12 reps ) 

  1. Squats, 135 lbs
  2. Bench Press, 135 lbs
  3. Bent over Barbell Rows, 115 lbs

Then some crunches to work on my vainness, 4 sets of 100 Reps

Conditioning: (Stationary Rowing, Level 5)

  1. 1000 m, 5 min
  2. 1000 m, 4:45 min
  3. 1000 m, 4:45 min

Rolling: (5 mins Round, 1 min break )

  1. Nathan the Shat Hatton, 2 rounds
  2. Justin the Beast Sillman, 2 rounds

Tough rounds with these boys… awesome job. Thanks homies.


Hopefully see you guys out for Saturdays BJJ… or Sundays BJJ. Note that Micheal Maronese will be running the show Saturday & the warm up will be… running on glass lol.


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