Sunday Sweeps

I’ll be honest… I had no motivation today. Doing these blogs forces me to do something… went out to hang out at a buddies house… a few of our friends bdays lol, didn’t go out dancing but had a few drinks… and didn’t get home till about 12:00 am. Baby was restless yesterday night and well as last, growing pains poor guy… BJJ does help me keep going.


Happy bday Crystal & Simon!

Grabbed my boy Nathan… at about 8:45 am. Got to the gym… swept, repped out some sit ups and push ups… and then people started showing up…nice 15 mins early… weird. Must be the weather out, 6 degrees Celsius out.

Yes using sweeping as part of my conditioning lol…

2 sets, 50 Crunches & 30 push-ups…

Another 2 sets, 50 Crunches & 30 push-ups I know its nothing… but with no motivation its a tad better than nothing…

Warm up: (16 min Warm up with Take down’s below)

Technique: (Reviewed Open Guard Sweeps, fast clip below)

Weighter Sweep, Tripod or Hook Sweep, Star Sweep, Tomahawk/Hammer/Sickle, and the  Balloon Sweep

I’ve attached a video from YouTube by Jason Skully for futher reference with 51 other sweeps…  enjoy!!

Rolling: (5 min Rounds)

1. Rupert

2. Sat out… no one to roll with

3. Scotty too hotty

4. Philippe

5. John

Some clips of us rolling below…

Enjoy your Sunday night!!



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