Finally Friday, Open Mat Baby!!!!!

Finally Friday Open Mat

Had some scotch, “Glenfiddich 15 year aged in Oak barrels” and some beer “Shock Top” tall boys… and oh homemade Pho… bomb di-shizzel…

Got to LEMMA at roughly 4:00 pm with my boy Nathan… awesome!! I should have popped some ibuprofen before BJJ, but whatever, lower back still feels shot and awkward, but it’s been since Tuesday for any BJJ… did some stretching in between rolling sessions… I definitely had some harder rolling sessions today… lower back and drinking excessive water… yep knee bellies didn’t help… oh well lol.

Most definitely got some solid rolling in tonight… we got warriors here… all are welcome when in Northern Ontario while visiting to train… TRUTH.


  1. Nathan Hatton, warm up round, starting with pummeling to get the old man shoulders worked up… yep not warmed up yet lol. 10 min round. Viddy is below.

  1. Marc Perrier, though it was gonna be a warm out round… turned into a rougher than expected round… my contacts almost fell out that’s how rough it got… I was gassed… chugged tonnes of water. I sure felt it in my later rolling sessions…. 2 x 10 min rounds in a row. Viddy is below.

  1. Scott Paradis, always fun and harder rounds with him on top of me. 10 min round. Viddy is below.

  1. Devon. Newer guy with wrestling, and some Nogi skills, tough round, dude is really athletic, similar to Marc… progression may be faster than others, but need to still focus on the basics. Gogo-plata is cool… defending my GI chokes is more important. Viddy is below. 10 min round. Viddy is below.

  1. Matt Veal. Got caught with a Gerbi Choke (Peruvian Kneck tie with a GI) and a 10 finger Guillotine. I always get intertwined in using strength with him… no dice. I’m smaller, not as strong and definitely not as quick or athletic… must improve my techniques and execution… chugging water and not taking ibuprofen did not help. 10 min round. Viddy is below.


A nice reference I found online from Youtube to the Gerby Choke I got caught with is below from BJJ Joe.

  1. Nathan Hatton, the last round, with an unintended harder round, before I signed out for the night. Got caught with in a reverse kimura from turtle, not surprised his top game and side control game is elite, especially with his wrestling core. Accidentally knee him in the head ouchy, while passing his guard… sorry big guy. Had to defend this kimura attempt again, went back to turtle and made some adjustments… close to getting the bow, but the buzzer rang… 10 min round. Viddy is below.

Left LEMMA at roughly 6:15 pm to go home and finalize the meal for tonight!! Yes… love me ma PHO…


Hard to imagine how hard you train… or how much time we spend OTM… especially when you work full time have kids and other priorities…until you actually start documenting it… video documenting your game will help immensely.

Can’t wait, Kathy is making a chocolate cheese cake with these crème  sugar eggs things on top of them for me… fatty and high in calories she says, for Sunday… got to live lol, my competition training will commence after this Sunday.

See you for Sat 2pm or Sun 10 am BJJ!!