Some Drills from Sunday


Clip of Drills from Sunday… Took 15 to 20 mins with the breaks

1. Pummeling, 2.0 mins, alternating
2. Modified single leg takedown, 2.0 mins, alternating
3. Drop Seoi Nage, 2.0 mins, alternating
4. Modified hip throw with submission, 2.0 mins, alternating
5. Duck unders to sacrifice takedown, then taking the back, 2.0 mins, alternating

I’ve been letting the videos run longer especially when I get a chance to work in some drills, accidentally of course… the my phone editor won’t handle 15 to 20 min… so I had to find something to get it to work… its sped up by 6… or 7… maybe even 9. The viddy is below.

Hope to see a few of you out tomorrow… was a little ill today… baby was up a few times last night. Didn’t even go to work.