Break from BJJ

Taking a break till Friday… lets take a break… a Bit Bat Bacon Break…





Nom num… didn’t realize with all this drama that I’ve trained BJJ 5 days in a row… Dafack… 5 days in a row…

Decided to take a break tonight and conjure up a new school, bacon, egg,  grilled cheese with mozzarella/fresh basil, & kettle corn chips for a dinner meal… yes yes of saturated fat… tonnes of fat…  love it… love it. BTW bacon fat don’t count lol.

I definitely forgot I should only be training on Suns, Tues, Fris, and Sats.  Rocked out Fri,  Sat,  Sun,  Mon, & Tues in lieu lol… definitely been distracted and a little perturbed since last week when I heard about a buddy of mine who would have had to relinquish his belt while visiting another BJJ club if he wanted to train… the Owner/Instructor stated that this was a specified policy of his organization that had a different belt system in BJJ that would make you start over as a BJJ white belt, don’t want to name names but…

McDojo anyone, I’ve trained at a few clubs in my lifetime, never lol… blood sweat and tears to be awarded that belt… to be asked to go back to a white belt??? BS… i can understand if it was Karate, Kung Fu, or even Judo,  but really BJJ lol…

Anywho, that being said, that organization who he claimed, he was part of got wift of this issue… contacted this gentleman and got him to remove a few things from his website claiming he was a student…. BOOOM… Verified. The ever changing website… I should have initially taken a screen shot.

Small win for the little guy,  I smell fraudulent activities, hopefully nothing else and hopefully his current students figure things out. Would hate for his students to learn about his washed down BJJ he has been teaching. Guess anyone can learn from YouTube right?


I ain’t no pit bull… the case above and below is relative. Those knowing what I’m talking about will giggle. Have an awesome night…


Hopefully, we see yall out for Friday 5 pm Open Mat!!


8 pm BJJ, Drill for Skills ?

Arrived at LEMMA for roughly 7:30 pm…  popped some ibuprofen… yay…

Wow! some guys got here early, warming up, rolling, awesome especially with the crappy weather BJJ4Life…

Marc, Alex, John, Travis, Alex, Hector, Gary, Jared… were all on site and ready to do some drilling haahaha…

Warm-up Consisted of the Following Drills:

  1. Arm bars from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  2. Hip bump sweep from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  3. Omaplata’s with over hook, from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  4. Scissor sweeps, with cross lapel from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  5. Triangles from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  6. Spider guard to triangles switches, 10 reps alternating sides
  7. Marcellotines, 10 reps alternating sides
  8. Side control switches, 10 reps alternating sides
  9. Butterfly guard sweeps to kesa gatame side control, 10 reps alternating sides
  10. Spinning arm bar, from side control, with under hook when partner turns into you. 10 reps alternating sides
  11. Modified single leg takedown (chest pressure & heal pick, from cross-lapel double fist grip break, maintain the lapel grip once placing between partner), 10 reps alternating sides
  12. Modified Judo hip throw, retaining the far side arm hook with a deep under hook, 10 reps alternating sides
  13. Drop Seoi Nage, with under arm pit grip, 10 reps alternating sides

I’ve attached a fun viddy with some of us working on drills… some… ahem lol enjoy, sped up x 7.

 Technique: (Some open guard sweeps sweep… we got sweeps)

A cute video of us working on the following sweeps enjoy.. ahahah

The ones we worked on tonight are as follows:

1. Weighter Sweep @ roughly 1:15

2. Tripod Sweep @ roughly 1:12

3. Star Sweep @ roughly 1:22

Marco Polo! I’ve attached a video found on YouTube by Jason Skully for reference with 51 other sweeps we will take a run through… enjoy!!

 Rolling:  (5 min rounds)

1. Sat out.. no partner

2. Jared

3. Travis

4. Jayden

5. Hector

Remember use technique… if you muscle, you gas, when you gas, you tire, when you tire, you die…  I think…great quote from a great Black Belt Saulo Ribeiro—six-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion.

Wait the real one is below… lol


Great time boys!!