10 am Sunday BJJ

Wow -28c this morning… thought to myself only the brave will show to BJJ…

Got to the gym at roughly 9am today, was nice to do some Tabata styled drilling with dummy. Arm bars, knee belly, stand up switches,knee belly switches, side control switches, side control to knee belly, modified scarf to side controls, some running, with some knee down exercises…

5 sets of 5 reps, 1 min increments for each exercise.

Great time OTM, for those not daring enough to make 10 am’s… always a pleasure!

-6 Guard passing drills to warm up,
-fine tuning the straight ankle lock variations from stand up entry with assistance from our beau sambo buddy Scott Paradis,
-6 X 5 mins rounds, 15 sec rest, rolled with Scott Paradis, Scott Hall, Philippe Jecker, Michael Hinsperger, and Justin St Amand. I worked mainly on my defence, guard retention and being squished hahaha.

” I must get back into shape”… as Travis Duncan would reply… “you are a shape… a circle” Whoo!

Next week we will include guard retention as requested Philippe Jecker into our drilling!


On that note… new reading material anyone? ?


Finish strong it says…


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