Feb 19/16 Open Mat

Making them shorter?
short and sweet?

4 left

Word… got to LEMMA around 5:30 pm on the Fri Feb 19th.


A little dehydrated from drinking coffee all day but the wrist was feeling good. lol


Ankle felt fantastic though… maybe it was just the ibuprofen hahhaahah.

5 min rounds, 1 with Kara, 2 with Philippe, and 3 non stop rounds with Jared…

Kara is new… very new, but fun to warm up with. Philippe on the other hand is a 220 lbs beast with an imposing top game, great control and a very much improving guard. Phew tough rounds. Then the roll with Jared. Only 15 years old, 190 lbs, and competes regularly compared to others. Kid kept me on my toes this night. Wow is he ever getting better… every time we roll his skill level just keeps accelerating. Just showing up, makes a difference. Had me thinking and moving throughout our whole jam session. Maybe I’m just getting old.



Clip of u rolling below…



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