Feb 4/16 Kids BJJ

Yep… on the rush lol, picked the little homie up, fed him quickly, wife got home then out the door.


Got to LEMMA round 5:00 pm… holy shoot. Tonnes of guys there doing things, from lifting, privates to working on the bag… wow. The heat was hilariously hot. Oh well good for me… bad for everyone else?

Got the little homie’s to follow me around with some running around the mat, side steps, outside/insides, then switching every 2 side steps. Had them bear crawl then a bunch of lunges around the mat.


Nathan and Marco came in to help out,and even Justin, which was fantastic lol… Marc had them do a few cool things as well as Nathan.

Either way its always great o help out with the kids BJJ… only wished I had more time.

Maybe one day I’ll have a club where I can have time to teach BJJ to kids.

All about the growth of BJJ!!







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