Jan 28/16 Wed night BJJ

Yep… sooo behind.

WTF… damn snow on this day.


Worst is the drivers in Tbay lol… live in the north and can’t drive in the snow… hilarious.

Ah whatever… but really though.

All you gotta do is signal and slow down.

Either way, I picked up my little homie from daycare, fed him, wife got home then out… oh and packed the nicely washed GI for the newbie…. yep sure did. Dan Thor’s buddy from his work.

Downed some coffee… made sure to down 3 bottles of water throughout the day.


I know I know. Not enough lol.
Got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm, taped my wrist up… yep class at 6 lol.

Tonne of guys too… quiet a few advanced guys, great!!


Thor ran the class… Morgan did a standard warm-up, we repped a a few various of a single leg. By I mean repped, like 30 mins worth lol…. Partnered with Justin the Beast Sillymon. Yeah I was sore. Well at least it didn’t effect my wrist, as I made my partner take my down by attacking my only my left side lol, that way I can slap the mat with my good wrist. At some point I could feel my left fingers fall asleep… oops tape was too tight lol… made sure to loosen that up before technique. Thor got us working on the flower sweep… excellent!! repped them out… like a million of them lol…. a good 30 half hour says Morgo lol… great stuff. We then played some first to points. Myself, Veal, Aussie Mike, Morgo, Marco and Army Chris got grouped up. The white belts and a few others got grouped into a few other groups lol, good stuff, homies worked me lol…. sore, washed it all away last night with some rye… lovely.




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