Nov 27/15 Open Mat

A few homies OTM tonight… great stuff.

Between my foot, my eye’s and lack of sleep from the baby being sick, reality is, I should have taken Friday off lol… not to mention the long ass day at the office playing mental catch up with paper work that was piled on my desk throughout the 5 months off on parental leave… but hey, life sucks sometimes…

Roll with the punches or die?…

Or, is it paddle or you drown?

Or, ummm sink or swim?


That’s why this is my gibberish… can write whatever I want lol…

Can’t stay off the mat.





Noticed a fellow OTM that I really haven’t seen since we moved to this location, probably since 2011? maybe 2012?… guessing only a few people remember what happened that night OTM… strange and awkward it was…


With our core of current guys definitely haven’t had a situation like that since or even ever.


Surprised to see him there for open mat last night… oh well.

Rolled with Jrock, Rock Climber and then Sillymon… dudes were turning it up lol… great job!

5 to 10 min rounds great stuff.

Rolling with the Jrock below…

Rolling with the Rock Climber below…

Rolling with Sillymon below…

My battery ran out soo… missed my other few rounds with a few others not even sure… #babybrainexists


Toe is still mangled lol… butt scooting is key and trying to roll light. lol


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