Nov 25/15 5:30pm BJJ

One more and I’m caught up…

Boom Shackalacka!!

Picked up G from Daycare today… dude was sick. Scratching his ears, coughing. Presumably an ear infection at the time… yep shitty.

Picked up Indian food from the Monsoon… their food was freaken off the hook… I highly recommend. Other then the damn, dining location and the tandoori chicken that was raw and overly under cooked, which just required extra time in our oven. Everything tasted exquisite, light and very delightful!

10 outa 10 for taste, but definitely could have been spicier lol

We didn’t sleep all night on Wednesday. Poor kid, definitely picked it up from daycare. Crying, screaming, and coughing… a lot of Tylenol, and sleeping sitting up to relieve pressure. I had to take the day off to take him to the clinic. Yeppers Wednesday night kinda sucked.


On the flip side…

BJJ was fantastic lol… got to LEMMA around 5:45 pm.

Rolled with the big June buggy before class.


Thor ran the class…

Partnered with Caleb. He had us review the X-pass, smash-pass, then the arm-triangle…

Great class… love that submission.


Don’t forget to tap…lol 

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Nov 23/15 BJJ

Monkey turned 11 months today… nuts lol.

Time is blasted by.

GLAD I TOOK PARENTAL… would have never experienced his early child hood as I did lol.


I’m almost caught up…

The monkey started day care today so I’m back to work. Yep. back to work… excellent as that I get to have full conversations with actual adults. Well conversing period will up my reduced IQ lol… love it.


Rhino was in running the class… I partnered with Eric the wrestler or what I’ve called him in the past Blue Fuji… damn toe was still jammed lol.

Rhino got us to review the stance, sprawling and doubles… then I believe we rolled. Quite a few rounds.

5 mins each… rolled with Eric, Alex, Rock Climber, June Bug, and Eric again lol… oh well, good rounds, and fun. Technical at times… others, like rolling with spazzy white belts lol…

Spazzy, spazzy… jamming a jammed toe… damn thing, will it ever heal lol. 


Fighting tooth and nail for a take down with no mat space… love it. Learning curve I guess lol…


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