Nov 15/15 Sun BJJ

Word… I’ll be back Friday…

Yep I went in on Sunday lol… its funny though, missed Monday and Wednesday this week because I decided to take a little self healing break because of the subconjunctival hemorrhages or bleeding in my eye’s…

BUT seriously though… haven’t been away for too long and it feels like its been forever.

BJJ is soooo freaking addictive… just my opinion though…




Rolling on Sunday was a big no no lol… felt like my eyes were gonna pop outa its socket with Brittany on top… Taking breaks here and there is a big must. Especially when your getting older, just can’t seem to bounce back like I used to. Oh well back OTM Friday… the hemorrhages appear to be receding. 






The baby is finally gonna start daycare next week for an infants program. Its funny, when I chose to do this 6 months of parental leave, I thought I was gonna be training BJJ everyday, hitting the gym every morning, sleeping in all the time, and just plain hanging out with my baby… unfortunately that wasn’t the case lol. I guess babies demand more attention then much expected. I sure have an appreciation for woman and my mom though… much respect. Not as easy as I suspected… talking baby all the time, thinking like a baby all the time, talking to the baby all the time. I feel like I’ve lost a few IQ points and brain cells lol… GOING NUTS, forgetting things I normally don’t forget, drawing blanks in the mornings from getting up between dreams, to change or feed the monkey… yep 6 months and it went fast lol… fortunately I’ve been going into work at least once a week to work on some paper work that seems to just keep piling on the desk lol to get ahead once I get back… yep back soon… hurray!! Definitely pros and cons… but you know what… the time I got to spend with the monkey was priceless… never will he ever be this big again… ever. Thank goodness… lol. Now I know why the wife wanted to go back to work when she did… a good compromise I guess… the grass isn’t greener on the other side, for you men contemplated on going on parental leave… however, if you do decide to take the plunge, at least your wife will know that if they were to die, you will be able to handle things on your own.


Thank god for BJJ, been keeping it as consistent as I can… 4 to even 5 days a weeks of actual training. 5 days, if I time everything accordingly and the stars align…

wpid-fb_img_1432778563800.jpgSunday Sundays… Early Sunday. Sundays is always fun days… had a few drinks to wash away the pain in the eyes the night before. Not sure if that was smart. Even drank a whole pot of coffee lol… not sure that was smart too… think all of that thins your blood… especially, if your trying to HEAL LOL?


Nuts… eyes were still red. Looked like a Zombie.

The shows still gotta go on… either way, I went in…

20 mins of rowing…


4 sets of 30 push ups, 10-28 in box jumps, 100 crunches, and the 1 set of 12-30 inch box jumps lol… this may have worsened the hemorrhages in my eyes lol… quick clip below…

Got Nathan to run the warm-up, which also include some drilling… a quick clip below…

We then reviewed the pendulum sweep…

A video for further reference of our technique…

Then of course we rolled…


See you OTM soon!!



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