Fri Nov 13/15 Open Mat

Fri the 13th…


Full mat yet again.

Where these homies coming from.



Unconscious I was at one point… crazy when you lose a few seconds of memory.

Rolling rolling… we were rolling.

First roll was with Beef… light roll. Really light warm-up roll…
So light I went nighty night with a very fast single armed triangle.
I tapped… just not fast enough, and worst off in a manner that could not be communicated to my partner. I believe, I may have tapped myself… Ironically enough, I give everyone else shit for not tapping fast enough. Guess humility OTM every so often is a good personal reminder that everyone is not perfect including, obviously myself first and foremost. Embarrassed, a little… but hey this is my blog and honesty is key. Like on the mat our weaknesses will be exposed in one way or form. My gibberish is my gibberish no masking of the truth. Last time I fell asleep was at our old club on James St… during an open mat on a Saturday, triangled by our Professor and head coach doing Nogi via triangle… in 2009 lol… yes. That long ago lol, I vowed to my myself to tap early enough to never fall asleep again… back then all I remembered was stars, seeing a bunch of stars, then my body went limp… he released, and bong, I acted as if nothing happened nd that I was alright lol. Low and behold I was not… I went to sleep in his triangle yep… damn triangle and guys with long legs… damn-it.


Regardless, it was a good reminder that no one is invincible, especially myself. Not taking away from my partner, technically it was sound, no pain, not even the stars that I saw the last time, that’s how fast it went on lol… The head and arm was secured prior to the transition over me… which is where I recall tapping and unfortunately it must have been on my own chest with my free arm lol… which makes sense based on the position he had me in… reality is I should had tapped with my feet or yelled out vocally… then I recall vividly entering my house doors to an angry wife… then Beef’s face yelling my name and asking what my name was… Beef mentioned when I woke up I grabbed his lapel and set up for an arm drag… yep… setting up my grips lol. Felt really out of it… drunk in fact, guess I was out for a few minutes, maybe less.

Lesson learned tap!

Tap early…

Really early, if its with someone that is technically sound…


In my head I was like… I gotta keep rolling, or else coming out to the gym was for nothing lol… yeah weird.

Next I rolled with Black Belt Keith, a roll with Morgan, then a really long ass roll with Nathan, 3 or even 4 rounds straight through… still feel a little woozy… eyes are really bad… capillaries must have ruptured from the pressure.

We did manage to hit up the Tokyo house after for Sushi lol… the wife wasn’t impressed with my eyes though.

Saturday morning…

Sunday after Sunday BJJ


 We cannot find perfection within ourselves without making countless dumbass mistakes… and yes, that is my statement if you are wondering.



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