Nov 9/15 BJJ


Caught up!!

The cage was full again with open mat homies!


Show up… train. Sometimes it’s hard.

Heck it’s always hard, not gonna lie.

There will always someone there to push you.


All we did was roll tonight…

Fantastic lol.

Rolling: (5 min, 60 sec breaks)
1. Rock Climber (Flow)
2. Fuji (Flow)
3. Reevo
4. Thor
5. Fuji
6. Fuji
7. Curly locks
8. Snell


Patience’s guys… and gals.

The Rock Climber caught some cool clips of me rolling… will post another time! 🙂

Great rolling tonight!!

Jammed my toe… ouch. Lower back is sore to wtf…lol I need to stretch my hamstrings out. dafuck…



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