Nov 8/15 Sun BJJ


One more day to go lol… then I’m all caught up. The little guy is sick again… in fact for a few days. Projectile vomiting… poor little thing… puked at BK yesterday, a few times at home, and a few times today. Just have to keep his liquid intake up I guess. Wish I could take all his pain. Must be teething again. Apparently the pain is soo unbearable it would make a grown adult go insane, but I guess that’s what drugs are for… unfortunately not allowed for little babies.

I did manage to get in earlier again Sunday morning, like every Sunday morning lol … with no real motivation but a Tim’s medium black and a note I saw on the white board lol… so instead of 10 mins, I did 20 mins of rowing, then some 24 in box jumps, push ups and crunches in. 4 sets BTW… Oh and an additional 28 in box jumps, 10 or twelve lol. 


Felt great afterwards… especially after the stretching and foam roller before the guys started galloping in… cute clip below.

A lot of non regulars showed up this morning which was nice…

I invited a few other new white belts who kept asking questions about a sweep I kept hitting them earlier during this week, in hopes that we could further review their issues, instead of preoccupying class rolling time which was very precious due to the others that required the mat space right after us at 7:30 pm…

Didn’t show… Hopefully next time.

Nathan ran the warm up… which was pretty standard with running, bear crawls, lunges, rolls, shrimping, break falls and technical stands etc… quick clip below… 

Quick clip of us working on some basic drills with armbar’s, hip bump sweep’s, kimura’s, and omaplata’s…

Then we reviewed the scissor sweep from closed guard, first with the knee against the chest or neck, and then the belly with a deep cross collar and sleeve grip…

Yes then some rolling rolling lol… 6 min rounds. fun fun!!


Photo credit to my buddy Travis Duncan… well done homie.

Training and taking cool pictures at the same time is difficult… but that’s why your a brown belt homie.

Making it all look very easy.





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