Mon Oct 12/15, Thanksgiving 1:00 pm Open Mat


After being away for little, with G being sick and the miniature vacation. All that driving… yes 15 hours to Windsor taking the US route, 3 hours to Kitchener, 5 hours to Sudbury, then 10 hours back to Tbay.

All I gotta say is Chicago sucks… Minneapolis, Michigan, and Wisconsin are simple drives.

Oh Detroit also gets a 5 thumbs down…. man. a third of your life sepnt on the highway waiting to drive 5 km…

WTF. Driving in Toronto was like that… what a waste. would rather be training BJJ…. thank god for BJJ, lol…

Thank god! It would help with the traffic congestions… get out and roll!! OSSS


Yep went in to work to do a few things… will be doing that for the a couple days.

Things keep piling up on the desk lol.

Parental leave eh?? Lol


On a better note… Me and the monkey went into open mat for 1 pm!

Cute pic of my homie the Albino Rhino hanging with G star!!


Rolled with Veal, which seemed like an eternity… kinda was lol… great warm up, though. 25 to 30 mins of rolling.

Baby needed some attention… then rolled with the Albino Rhino for another eternity lol.

Baby needed more attention.

Left the gym at roughly 3pm… yep great time! great rolling!


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