Oct 14/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Dave ran the class and got us to warm up with duck under’s, single legs, then a double leg. He had us rep it out 10 times each. I first partnered with Josh initially then with Philippe when he came in… he then got us to rep out this takedown sequences for a few rounds for minutes at a time as hard as we could.


My foot was banged up soo, I went as hard as I could lol…

More banged after big boy Philippe stomped on it. 

Even taped it up hah!!

Dave then had us work on some side control escapes with the re-under hook, then countering your opponent when he whizzer’s while in the dog fight position, by grabbing his belt and diving in under to grab the leg for a reversal, then if when your opponent post an arm, you work for a quick knee tap sweep, and pass the guard.

Rolling: (3 mins, 1 min breaks)
1. Philippe
2. Big Willy
3. Josh Daluca
4. Random new white belt with brown curly hair, and using the Sambo belt of shame
5. Random new white belt with a very used Karate GI


You don’t know who you are… but you will learn!

Guess all white belts have to go through this.


Yes I went in to row today… results below… G is feeling better. Definitely had to chug some coffee before I went to LEMMA


Not bad for a 37 year old man currently parental leave with his 9 month lol…

Hahahaha… see yall next time!!

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