Wed Sept 16/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Awesomeness some homies OTM ready to scrap…

Wait only Trina and Katrina here…

Mitch came in pretty much when I arrived at 5:30 pm.

Josh and Mike working on clinch and wall cage MMA stuff.

Morgo and Scotty leaving from the early training sessions prior.

I got to roll with my buddy Mitch.

Wow his defence has improved significantly… awesome. Rolled and played around with him till class started. I mainly just focused on countering his passing with sweeps, arm drags and his attacking nature. Kid is fast, resilient, strong, a natural ability to move out of a troubled position, and he can scramble… love it. His fighting tooth and nail out of chokes is typical a white belt spaz kill joy thing, but his temperament is calm and collective even while in a horribly troubled tight position.


Quite enjoyable to roll with for a white belt… 18? Maybe 20? years of age… not as spazzy as most beginners.

Class started at 6:30 pm head Coach Matt set us up with a decent warm-up. Running around the mat, forward shoulder rolls, backward shoulder rolls, shrimping, butterfly butt scooting with a partner, then following your partner walking backwards with hooks. Great warm-up.

Veal was in for the technique. He got us to review the technique we worked on last week from a flattened out butterfly. A knee tap counter, and then a over hook with a cross lapel grip finish with a knee pressure straight arm lock or an omaplata…

Video below for further reference… entries were obviously different, Veal showed it from butterfly, but the finish is similar… and you can see the omaplata, from the failed arm-bar attempt if you think about it…


After technique, Veal then got everyone to roll… 4 min rounds, no submissions. Just spit them out and continue. Even take risks, work on things you never would normally do. Be fast quick and to work with your partner… Sounds like flow rolling. What do you know… my favorite kind lol… easy on the body, and you can be technical.

Told Veal that 4 mins is dah bomb. The no submissions is cool and that the guys needs to learn how to flow, from one submission to the next and these kinda rounds will really help in the development of their BJJ.

He explained that, there’s big issues with that and this provides the opportunity to take chances because people will shelf their egos some what when there’s are no submissions involved.

I told him that I absolutely agreed… that grinding is cool, but there are always other options then spending 2 mins to rework a failed arm-bar.

Seeing opportunity in a failure will makes us grow.

Rolled with Jesse, Mitch, Nathan, and Big Willy… boy was I f-n drained…

Yes I did some conditioning earlier in the day…

Results below…




Great class… I love it when I don’t have to coach.

I can just focus on training!!

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