Sun Sept 6/15 11:00 am BJJ


Surprised on the attendance… homies wanted to train!!

Nathan, Morgo, newer Blue Belt Kyle from Halifax, Philippe, and Katrina were in attendance.

Long Weekend… almost cancelled the class for today… nope.

Lol came in anyway…


Warm-up was standard… running around, lunges, bear crawls, reverse/side/forward rolls, break falls, and shrimping…


The homies then drilled passes and a few takedowns…

We the finished off with the full harnessed positional drilling… clip below.

Everyone had an opportunity to train with everyone, with two recycling of partners… back took, then back taking, its a hard and tough drawn out drill. Either you submit or you escape. Secret is to focus on a solid technical defence… 2 mins a round.


Yeah, I went in earlier to work on some rowing… hopefully this will help in the long run.


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