Wed July 15/15 Kids Class, then 6:30 pm BJJ

Got to the gym around 5:15 pm tonight… Coach needed a hand with the kids class, “no problem” I says… 3 monkeys showed up… by monkeys… they are monkeys.

Know it alls lol, hope my kid is easier to deal with… got them to do a warm up with the standard running around, rolling, shrimping, & even some break falls… then I got them to drill the closed guard kimura. They said they’d been taught, so I made them drill it and correcting their technique as they worked on the movements. Guess they don’t like drilling lol…

After that I asked then if they wanted to roll. They all looked at me funny and asked me what that was and I was like rolling?, sparring?, wrestling?, fighting by not hitting each other… then one smarty piped up and screamed take back/take back? I was like sure lol. Guess coach has been calling it take back/take back for a reason. Positional sparring lol… excellent. Had the guys roll with Windy who jumped in to help. I rolled with everyone as well. 5 min rounds. Hard to believe these kids are as tall as me hahaha.
For the 6:30 pm class Dave ran the class having us review a butterfly sweep variation as a warmup. Starting from the half guard, then setting up the hook of doom to the double under hooks while sitting up into butterfly guard. Love this.
Dave then got us to review a butterfly sweep when someone approaches you while you are in full butt down combat base. Kinda like in a half lotus position but your other knee is pointing up… image below.
Dave said to instead of grabbing the sleeve like above, to grab the elbow and pull it inward and at the same time kicking the hook leg up and to drop your head to the floor, then driving your knee inward into your opponents armpit maintaining the elbow or sleeve grip while you flatten him out into a reverse kesa gatame?… or something called like that lol… a common judo side control position. You then can attack the arm bar with the your upper leg from there.

Image below

Or this lol

Dave then had us review the nogi version with the collar tie in lieu of the belt grip or under hook. Next was if your opponent defends by posting that arm out while you grab the elbow. When they do this you re-cup the elbow, push your butterfly hooks outwards and sit up maintaining the cupped elbow with their hand on the side of your neck thumb down to attack an inverted arm bar. Love this… image of something like below but sitting up only to add more pressure to the elbow.
Dave then then discussed the fact that when your opponent adjust to escape you can re kick out your hooks to reset and attack the other arm with the same technique. Note that there are numerous and other attacks from here… the ones Dave had us review are a string of attacks to help the chain of submission move forward in your arsenal, like any other attacks we. Would have worked on from there. There is never just one or two attacks.
Remember… practice, practice, drill, drill, & drill…


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