Thurs 9am July 16/15 BJJ


Got to LEMMA around 9am after feeding the monkey… yes, I brought him too in his little stroller lol. Britt was in with a bunch of her clients for her fitness training. Neat to see all her with her clientele in the gym. Rhino was in early with his kid to do some lifting.


Made sure to sweep and disinfect the mat… was hoping the little guy would fall asleep for his nap. I even brought his GI lol… waiting for him to fall asleep to put him on the mat. No dice during our light rolling sessions. Next time, I’m gonna just put him on the mat with his GI hah!!

Rolling: (7 min rounds, 1 min break)
1. Hash Man
2. Sushi
3. Hass Man
4. Winny

Rolling with Hash Man has always been fun… his Nogi base really helps him with his transitioning. Only when he wears No GI… lol today he didn’t where I did. Its always fun when when I roll with a handicap. Kid is fast, transitioning is clean, and his positioning has improved… love his game.

Rolling with Sushi hasn’t changed much. Always fighting to maintain top, going really hard… common white belt with a heavy set game. Probably a tad better as compared to the Albino Rhino when he first started, especially with the pressure. Sushi knows the pressure game, just has to stop emphasising using so much strength… oh well, only time OTM will help give those unnatural habits. Use strength and you will gas. Winny has the same strategy as Sushi.


Ironically, everyone new to BJJ seems to work a similar strategy, strength, and trying to pass my guard by running around as fast as possible to take my back hahahah.

Note my nicknames for everyone to protect their identities. Don’t get offended… it’s a blog. Like BJJ there is no sense in lying and making up nonsense, as it will all show up in the white wash… or OTM.


Keith was in with Owen waiting for Tony on a private… can’t wait till Graysone is older so i can roll with him.


See y’all Friday for Open Mat…


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