Wed July 8/15 BJJ

Got  to the class around 6:15 pm today

Damn ton of faces out


Long day with my little buddy, went to Babyfest at Babies R Us, picked up a new stroller… went to the mall to grab some phone cases for the parents for my visit to Toronto this weekend and watch the Grappling Submission Only Competition in Mississauga. Then to the Super Store to pick up sushi for dinner. All while keeping my little monkey stimulated, entertained, and fed…

Sounds like I’m a stay at home mom eh?


Well, how bout I’m a stay at home dad for the next 5 months… yep till December 6th 2015 lol… WORD!

Hopefully, I will be able to get more BJJ in… hopefully. I did however managed to get a lift session early yesterday. 5 sets, 18 reps of 135 lbs Squats, then Bench. Yay…


Anywho, Dave the Diesel Letourneau ran the warm-up with a few half guard drills. First, while your opponent  stands up in your half guard, you transition into a sit up guard with a belt grip then sweep them with your outside leg and into a topside knee bar. Second, was top side inside the half guard, with the reverse hook, and opposite knee slice into a spinning arm bar, with an open option to kimura. Third, was with the same knee slice, only instead of positioning for the arm bar, you take the back with a seated side mount and harness.


I partnered with Big Rig… haven’t trained with this home boy in a while!

Fun fun!!

Dave then got us to spar starting from half guard. 3.0 min sessions, with 1.0 min breaks.

I’ll be honest, I hate these, guys roll sooo freaking hard thinking… like they need to submit in 3 mins lol.


First, rolled with Big Rig, starting on bottom…


Second, was with Josh the Beast Daluca, I started on top. DAMN dude has a pace. Similar to Jesse Veltri…


Third, was with Colin, the 240 lbs white belt that used to train Aikido, yep… nuff said lol…


Fourth, was with Diesel, 200 lbs purple belt on top of you… and he went light lol…


Fifth, was with Doctor Rupert… Rupert has come a long way… he is a tenured PhD Professor, Psychology I believe. Early 30’s good looking fit fellow at our local University… trains regularly. Big up on his commitment.


Great rounds!


Everyone pushed me!

That being said, for all of you mofo’s that missed this class…


Diesel dropped some big half guard transitioning…

Next time show up!



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