Monday Night BJJ Grading’s, Day 2

LOL, when I got home last night from work, my wife was like, I’m going for a long walk with the dog lol… if she only new my secret!


Between the dog and the 3 month old… the combination is deadly. Been trying to convince her to train BJJ ever since… no dice. One day… one day! Whenever she decides… I will feel safer at home hahahaha!


Below is a picture of the hairy little turd, 13 lbs… kinda cute eh? with the bat-like ears… half Dachshund, half Chihuahua… a Chi-weenie, lets just say he gets away with a lot…


Goodbye Mondays and Wednesdays… I use to go to Open-Mat at 4:30pm or 5:00pm, then attend a class at 6:30pm every week. Yep, Sundays, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays… now Mondays and Wednesdays area mid-day breaks for my counterpart lol. Currently my training has been limited to Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays on a good week… if I get permission… then maybe Wednesdays too!

Obviously, last night… I was there for the Gradings…

Tonight was hilarious… sorry lol… I totally saw myself OTM as a White-Belt, back in the day, when looking at some of the new guys that showed up. Heck, even with the guys that normally only attend the the Mondays and Wednesdays.

Did anyone dodge the grading tonight?

Definitely a good amount of guys OTM tonight… wish some of these guys would start attending the other classes… new bodies are always good. Look at me talking like they are resources. Maybe, I guess, 1 or 2 nights a week is what others can only commit too… the part time BJJer. Until you get hooked, of course like myself and even I still consider myself as a part time BJJer. I do it for stress, keeping in shape, or that just because I have an obsessive compulsive nature where I think I will suck if I don’t continue to train… the magical  hands that churns personal motivation and gains… looking shity while you roll. #bjjproblems.


BJJ ain’t easy, 1 or 2 nights a week can be time consuming if you have other hobbies or activities… luckily I don’t have a life, aside for my wife and my 3.5 months old baby… wait did I just call them a hobby? hope they don’t ever read this lol neglect OTM… Oss.

We are on day 2 of 3 day for the grading grind… this coming Wednesday being the last and 3rd.


A small warm up was run by Standard Steve, AKA Big Rig… a short clip below… Notice the fellow rolling like a log during the inverted side rolls. I seriously showed him like multiple times before… guess BJJ is different for everyone, learn and absorb what you want to absorb… the rest meh, pretend and survive…. #whitebeltproblems lol

The guys and gals had to execute a bunch of submissions while someone was in their closed guard, I noticed guys making stuff up… nioce, not keeping their hips high while working a typical closed guard arm-bar, while others being very technical, smooth and focused. Lots of growth and potential for growth. BJJ is growing in Thunder Bay, Northern nowhere and its beautiful… below is a short clip…



Coach then got everyone to roll with specific people… short clip below. Boy some of these guys were going hard… must be grading time. Sometimes with a goal in mind we forget about our training partners. Without them BJJ would be nothing and we do need them to return… heck, I was there at one point, almost quit at one point. oh well… we live and we learn, BJJ will only make us stronger, those that aren’t will leave… wait doesn’t that comment hinder growth? don”t be sooo negative T-son!!

Everyone rolled so hard we got Crystal to do a quick stretch…


Don’t mind my gibberish… I have lots of downtime with the wife and baby sleeping.

Great work tonight guys!


See you guys for 8:00pm BJJ or tomorrow for the final day of Gradings!


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