Wed Night BJJ Grading, Day 1


LMAO… not last night…

Wow… sooo many new face’s and guys I don’t normally see out… must be BJJ grading day only 2 more to go hahahah.


Someone did this to me last night while rolling … not naming any names hahahaha!!


However, there were a few regulars missing tonight… dodging grading, promotions?

Coach is having us do grading’s through a 3 day grind to make the assessments accordingly for the next few classes with next Monday and Wednesday.


A small warm up ran by Travis, then some takedowns… a short clip below…

Our head Coach asked us to execute a a bunch of techniques, takedowns, closed guard sweeps, open guard sweeps, side control escapes, low level passing, high level passing, mount escapes, half guard escapes to back takes etc… below is a short clip of us executing more takedowns from a different perspective… 


Live Sparring: (3 min rounds, from standing of course)

  1. Nathan Hatton
  2. Juneau Barnett
  3. Mike Woodcock

My bum is sore… Nathan is always a brute, hard worker, with a plethora of wrestling knowledge, understanding of its technique and the execution to boot. I will always try my best to put Nathan on his back so he can work his guard.

Juneau is your typical furious, athletic White Belt and always with a great smile, love yeah buddy. He’s just back recently from a hiatus away from BJJ due to school. His focus could be improved by primarily on just slowing down his breathing and not letting his physical attributes telegraph his movements.

Mike Woodcock stuck it to me. With pure technique and the strength as only an accompaniment. I’ve always looked up to Mike, 45 and competes regularly, with a high level competition Black Belt in judo just as a complement. Yes, he can take you down, yes, he can submit you quickly and willingly… One of the other reasons why I mainly train GI. Back in the day of James street where he would visit every sooo often and was Blue Belt visiting us from Sudbury. I was a White Belt back then when I first trained with him. He currently trains with Troop BJJ, with Professor Monkey Richard Nancoo. Sudbury’s MMA superstar Michel Gagnon who competes in the UFC. That team is badass. I’ve had a pleasure to train with them a few times… definitely a bunch of hard working and very talented group of BJJer’s there. It’s always a place for me to train while visiting Sudbury, when visiting the in-laws over the break. I haven’t been there since they’ve moved their team to a different location, but in due time, I will make my training visit…

My bum is sore… lol

See everyone for Open Mat Friday!



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