Rickson Gracie, The Living Legend

He sure is a legend… obviously we all dream to be like him?

WAIT… BJJ is about our own journey…

Well at least his accomplishments can be inspirational to us… Below is a little homage to his awesomeness with a few videos to commemorate his greatness and history in helping mold what modern BJJ is today…


Choke, A Rickson Gracie Documentary

Rickson Gracie VS Koichiro Kimura Vale Tudo Japan 04 20 1995

Rickson Gracie, Vale Tudo Japan Open 1994

Rickson Gracie VS Yuki Nakai Vale Tudo Japan 04 20 1995 FINALE

Rickson Gracie VS Yoshihisa Yamamoto 04-20-1995 ROUND 3

Rickson Gracie VS Takada 1997

Rickson Gracie VS David Levicki

Rickson Gracie vs Masakatsu Funaki 2000

Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo Talk Rickson Gracie, and Kron Gracie at ADCC 2013

Joe Rogan Experience #524 – Rickson Gracie & Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo explains the Rubber Guard to Rickson Gracie

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