Feb 14/16 Valentines BJJ

What can I say… the odds Sunday BJJ fell on a Valentines.


Guess its good… lol since it happened!!

Yes I’m behind 11 days??… just gotta plug away when I can, just like Jiu-jitsu. Will be more behind after this weekend lol… hitting up Vegas with the wifey for our long overdue honeymoon.




Sure… I was allowed to come in… lol.

In the morning anyways…

BJJ in the morning on a Sunday?

Why not?
Ain’t different then any other day, aside that you get to spend the rest of the day hanging with the other favourite people on earth…
Other then our BJJ mat rats.

You bet I came in to row, and do some conditioning stuff…  4×10 box jumps, 4×25 push-ups, 4×4 tire flips, all as fast as I could.

Tried doing the 200 m… wanted to puke. Only got 3 sets in lol… now on to box jumps and other random things. BJJ soon!

A photo posted by T-son Inthisone D (@bjjfourlife) on

Clip below…
Come on. I’m bored. Video taping encourages me to perform. 🙂
At least I’m doing something… NO?


Class was fun though… I actually took it easy on the homies today… been noticing guys really messing up side rolling. I see it every Sunday and during the week during our movement exercises.
Homies train everyday in the morning but can’t do a fundamental side roll, its like shrimping, helps with guard retention and escaping.

PRACTICE practice practice, DRILL drill drill lol


Told the homies that we will be reviewing it during class this day. 

I use to suck at side rolling, heck!! rolled over my head. 

Even found them a wonderful clip to help them improve while sitting at home watching TV… was hoping specific people showed up… that didn’t, that really suck at them and keep saying they can’t do it. Oh well can’t get them all.

Nice reference for building that flexibility I found for them below.

Even one for Granby Rolling… great reference below.

Either way, our morning class consisted of a standard warm-up with movement exercises, reviewed side & Granby rolling, 5×5 min rounds of rolling.
You bet… clip below.


Heck I still feel like I suck at BJJ, especially when life intervenes off the mat.

Just gotta keep showing up and plugging away!

Cause we love BJJ!!


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